Friday, February 18, 2005

Battlestar Galactica 1.07: Six Degrees of Seperation

This episode was an interesting one, with some very humorous moments. Baltar has another religon chat with Six, who gets pissed off with him and vanishes. At the same time, Duella comes to get him to see the Commander. A woman who looks like Six appears, telling Adama that he's a traitor and involved with the attack against the colonies. Adama suspends Baltar's security clearances and work on the Cylon Detector while Lt. Gaeta works on a disc that Six, or Shelly Godfry provided. Baltar desperately tries to prove his innocence, but fails and is locked up. He is only freed when he prays to god, when Six reappears to him, says that all will be well, when Gaeta comes and says that the disc was a fake. 'Shelly' vanishes as well. Meanwhile, Starbuck is up and about trying to help the crew get the Raider back online, and on Caprica, Helo and Sharon are running from the Cylons, and make love to each other.
This was an interesting episode. There were several great lines that were dropped, such as the one that I opened with, when Baltar was getting frustrated with Shelly and trying to prove his innocence. A couple of others, such as Lee and later Tigh making fun of Starbuck to get her out of bed, as well as the doctor, saying that he needed painkillers for himself. Another funny point was when Baltar first meets Shelly, thinking that she's only in his head.
There were some serious points as well, with work progressing on the Cylon Detector, and the fact that most people were on the mark with Baltar- he did have a hand- indirectly- with the attack on the human race.
The most important part of the episode was Baltar's religon, and his Athiesm, and how repenting seems to have saved him again. This has been a recurring theme throughout the series, and it wil be interesting to see where it goes. It'll be more important later, so pay attention.
The Helo/Sharon storyline is also getting to be interesting, with their sexual relationship, which is going to produce a child, which I'm wondering what the Cylons have in mind.
I was surprised though, there did seem to be a lot more sex and partial nudity than previous episodes, as Six basically stripped off camera at times and with Sharon and Helo. I predict a ratings spike.
Baltar was definently the star of the episode. He had some great moments, such as when he was trying to destroy the computers, and when he went upstairs with Six, the looks on his face was priceless. I need to get some screen shots.
Overall, a pretty good episode, with some future implications.

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