Thursday, March 31, 2005

Richard Hatch in Season 2

According to the SciFiPulse, Richard Hatch is definently returning for the second season of the show. Hatch's last appearence in the show, in the episode Colonial Day implied that a return of his character was likely:

In a recent chat event held at Cylon Alliance Battlestar Galactica actor Richard Hatch answered a volley of questions concerning his new role in Ron Moore's re-imagined Battlestar Galactica as well as his own projects.
One question which has been on the lips of many fans is whether or not Richard will be returning as the mysterious Tom Zarek the role he originated last year in two episodes of the Ron Moore produced show. The actor revealed that he had spoke to Ron Moore at the Grand Slam convention, “He told me I'm definitely coming back for a bunch of episodes. I'll be filming in May or June.”
When asked for hints of where Tom Zarek's character maybe going this season Hatch for obvious reasons was unable to reveal much but joked by saying, “Can't say much but I believe I'll be woven into a bunch of political stuff. Ha ha. Nothing revealed there. Maybe I'll even get laid! Wouldn't that be cool?”
Hatch too many fans of the original series is one of a group of actors who have helped keep the ideas and ideals of the Classic Galactica alive. Indeed no one has done more than Richard Hatch has to try and motivate fans to aid in a potential continuation. One of the ways Hatch has done this is through his Battlestar Galactica books which are all set 20 plus years after the classic series ended. As this stand Hatch is contracted to write two more Galactica novels which are set in the original series universe and not the universe depicted in Ron Moore's show, and as you would expect the books are very much character driven and over time Hatch has developed a fondness for writing a particular character.
“My next one is called Redemption! It's out in May. Lots of cool stuff with Baltar! He's become my favourite character. A man who has been to the dark side and returned has much to tell. It's a true story of Redemption! Well, you never know where people go when they die do we? The mystery of Baltar will be revealed over the next two books. ”
When asked for his insights one whether Zarek is truly evil or a good guy Hatch provided the following clues as to how he sees the role.
“Tom Zarek is a good guy to me. But one who has suffered for his ideals. A damaged and wounded man is capable of anything. Like many of the new characters on the new BG series Tom is a very conflicted character who is struggling with his demons. Sometimes the good guy wins and sometimes the bad guy dominates.”
You can read much more of this chat transcript
here at Cylon Alliance . Sci Fi Pulse would like to thank Warrior for running a smooth chat and also Richard Hatch for being generous enough to give his many fans some time to interact with him. Other highlights of the chat session include some exciting developments on Richard's ‘Great War of Magellan' Project which is becoming closer to realization as a potential TV show every day. To get some insight into Gwom click here for some highlights from an Interview I conducted with Richard a few years back, you can also find out much more about the project at which should be back online in the next few days.

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