Sunday, April 03, 2005

Hatch to Return for Season 2

This in from the SciFi Portal:

Hatch To Return For Second Season Author: Alan Stanley Blair Date: 04-03-2005 Source: Cylon Alliance

In the 1970s, he was known as Apollo – one of the finest pilots on the Battlestar Galactica. But now, he’s Tom Zarek, galactic terrorist.
During a recent chat with the fan Web site Cylon Alliance, "Battlestar Galactica" actor Richard Hatch took the opportunity to answer several questions from fans of Ronald D. Moore’s re-imagined "Galactica" series.
Perhaps the key question on everyone’s lips was whether or not Hatch would return for the second season of "Galactica," which currently is in production for the SciFi Channel. The short answer: yes! But Hatch was reluctant to reveal any details about his characters return.
“He told me I'm definitely coming back for a bunch of episodes. I'll be filming in May or June,” said Hatch. “Can't say much, but I believe I'll be woven into a bunch of political stuff. Nothing revealed there. Maybe I'll even get laid! Wouldn't that be cool?”
When asked about his viewpoint on Zarek’s character, Hatch remained cryptic, but did drop some hints as to how he sees the role.
“Tom Zarek is a good guy to me,” he said. "But one who has suffered for his ideals. A damaged and wounded man is capable of anything. Like many of the new characters on the new ('Galactica') series, Tom is a very conflicted character who is struggling with his demons. Sometimes the good guy wins, and sometimes the bad guy dominates.”
Hatch also discussed the continuation of the 1970s "Galactica" series through his book series which is set 20-plus years after the classic series ended. Hatch currently is under contract to write two additional novels, and revealed that writing about one specific character has grown on him.
“My next one is called 'Redemption,'” the actor said. “It's out in May. Lots of cool stuff with Baltar. He's become my favourite character. A man who has been to the dark side and returned has much to tell. It's a true story of Redemption. Well, you never know where people go when they die do we? The mystery of Baltar will be revealed over the next two books.”

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