Tuesday, September 27, 2005

New Episode Details: Sacrifice

Gateworld.net has posted new details for an upcoming episode entitled Sacrifice.

Hostage taker demands a 'Sacrifice'
The first plot info has arrived for "Sacrifice," an upcoming episode of Battlestar Galactica's second season.
Beware of spoilers in the report below! (Highlight to read)
Lee, Ellen Tigh, and Petty Officer Dualla find themselves in the middle of a hostage situation when four gunmen seize control of the lounge on Cloud Nine. Three men are led by a woman, Sesha Abinell -- once a cook on the Greenleaf who only wanted to lead a normal life. Now, following the death of her husband at the hands of the Cylons, she is demanding justice: a life for a life. Her only demand is that Galactica hand over the Cylon Sharon to her.
Sesha is infuriated that Adama and Roslin continue to allow one of their greatest enemies to live in their midst, even caged. She believes that every breath Sharon draws is an insult to those who have died. Lee escapes their notice at first, but eventually turns himself over to the gunmen, hoping to connect emotionally with Sesha and what she is going through.
The situation prompts Adama to once again consider the value of the Cylon Sharon to him, and whether or not a Cylon has any real rights. Despite the fact that she has "proven" her loyalty time and time again, he will not give her the smallest measure of trust or acceptance. Finally Sharon tells him to just hand her over, if that's what it will take to convince him of her loyalty.
The Marines make an incursion to try and regain control of the situation by force, but it does not go well. Two are killed, along with one of the hostage-takers. Lee is wounded badly, and the event only exacerbates the already tense situation.
Guest characters include Sesha Abinell, Chu, Vinson, Page (the three gunmen in Sesha's employ), and serveral Marines and medics.
"Sacrifice" will air early in the second half of Galactica's second season, which premieres this January on The SCI FI Channel!

Looks like a great episode!


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