Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Captain's Hand has posted up some new details on an episode entitled the Captain's Hand. From all appearences, this episode looks to come very quickly after the conclusion of the Pegasus duo. Here's the article:

First details on 'The Captain's Hand'
The first info has arrived at GateWorld for "The Captain's Hand," an upcoming episode of Battlestar Galactica's second season!
Beware of spoilers in the report below. (Highlight to Read)

Lee Adama travels to the Battlestar Pegasus, where he meets up with Kara Thrace. Lee has been promoted to Major, and Kara to Captain. The two encounter Commander Barry Trammel, now in charge of the Pegasus, who orders Kara to the flight deck while he and Lee proceed to C.I.C.
A Raptor scout group from the Pegasus is several hours overdue. Trammel is worried -- but beyond the immediate problem, he believes it is symptomatic of a larger issue on his ship: an overall lack of discipline and cohesion between the men and women assigned to the Battlestar. And when things continue to go wrong, Trammel throws the blame at the occasionally insubordinate Starbuck. He restricts her to quarters, intent on shipping her back to Galactica.
Meanwhile, President Roslin's relationship with Vice President Baltar is growing increasingly strained.
Trammel is clearly having his own command crisis, and is hurt when Lee suggests that they coordinate the search for the missing Raptors with Admiral Adama (also recently promoted) and the Galactica. If Kara's plan to find the ships doesn't work, Trammel suggests that the deaths of the Raptor crews will be on Lee's head.
Guest characters include Commander Barry Trammel, Hoshi (the Pegasus's version of Lt. Gaeta), and Gage (a Pegasus C.I.C. officer).

"The Captain's Table" will air early in 2006 as part of the second half of Galactica's second season. New episodes return to The SCI FI Channel in January.

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