Monday, November 28, 2005

Lay Down Your Burdens- Season 2 Finale & Other Upcoming Episode News

A number of spoilers have popped up on the web recently regarding the last two episodes of Season 2, and have named them: Lay Down Your Burdens. Major spoilers follow... and SyFy Portal have both posted up information about this two parter. In part one, another copy of Leoben Conoy appears in the fleet, this time with a different mission: a peace proposal for Admiral Adama and President Roslin. There's a couple of conditions though- the humans must give up their 12 gods and start believing in the One god that the Cylons believe in. Cylon missionaries are to be let into the fleet, and a group of humans are to be set aside to be used as Cylon/Human breeders. While Adama and Roslin disapprove of the plan, a number of the survivors support it. Part two picks up after this, and it has been rumored that Quantum Leap star Dean Stockwell will be making an appearance in this two parter. Tom Zarek is also going to be in these episodes.

Keep in mind that this information hasn't been confirmed by the SciFi channel yet, but we'll keep you posted when we hear something.

Sources: and SyFyPortal

I'm hoping that we'll see a bit of a wrapup with some of the slightly conflicting storylines, with the Cylons trying to use humans as breeders and on the other hand, trying to wipe out the fleet. Looks like we might see a little bit into that, and it certainly looks like we'll get a lot more insight into what their plan is.

Granted, with the recent news that we're now going into a third season, I would imagine that this plan isn't going to go into effect, and maybe we'll see something of an outright war again. That'd be cool to see.

In some slightly related news, a site called the Patriot Reasource, where the information about LDYB came from, there's some information about several other episodes that I haven't noticed before:

Episode 15: Scar
The episode concerns a Cylon Raider possibly with a gash of some kind (thus the title and how the feet knows it is the same Raider). Kara and Kat evidently hunt him because he repeatedly returns and picks off pilots. Kara has to deal with emerging status of Kat as the best pilot.

Episode 18: Downloaded
The episode imight show what has happened to Galactica Boomer upon her "rebirth" in the Cylon fleet after she was killed by Cally. Lucy Lawless appears as D'Anna Biers.

More information here: Major Spoilers: The Patriot Resource

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Craig Ranapia said...

Eeep... Conoy the Cylon answer to Ann Coulter - "let's invade their fleet, take their fertile women and forcibly convert them!" :)

Having said that, I don't think there's really that big a conflict between the Cylons trying to use humans as breeders and on the other hand, trying to wipe out the fleet.
To use a rather obvious analogy, the Nazis may have been eliminationist anti-Semites but Jews had their uses - as slave labour or or lab rats.

I've also had to rethink my initial view of the 12 Cybrid models as a Borg-ish Collective without the black leather fetish. Am I the only one who thinks the four we've seen most often - Six, Sharon, Conoy and Dorral - may all be working the same plan but not to the same ultimate end?