Tuesday, November 22, 2005

List of Deleted Scenes

Patrick from Galacticaa.net sent me in this news on 30 deleted scenes from the first half of season 2, and it's a good list of deleted scenes:

Full list of deleted scenes:
Scattered (201):
Saul Tigh meets Bill Adama
Tigh’s temper, then and now
Tigh remembers Adama’s return to the fleet
Adama does Tigh a favor

Valley of Darkness (202):
Tigh and Adama trade war stories
Tigh clashes with Lee in a crisis
Six warns Baltar to abandon the others
Kara and Helo on Caprica

Fragged (203):
Roslin is haunted by her fears

Resistance (204):
Lee asks Dualla’s help to free Roslin

The Farm (205):
Baltar’s opinion of Adama
Lee defends President Roslin
Kara’s nightmare; talking to Simon
Lee confronts Roslin
Kara sees double Sixes

Home, Part 1 (206):
Elosha thanks Roslin for restoring her faith

Home, Part 2 (207):
Memories and friendship
Discussing Sharon; tracking Roslin; seeking counsel
Six tells Baltar to enjoy his psychosis
Billy’s admission, Lee’s apology

Final Cut (208):
Roslin’s reaction to D’Anna’s report
D’Anna gets hired; Adama gets final cut
D’Anna interviews Tyrol on the job
Helo’s Interview (Full Version)

Flight of the Phoenix (209):
Kara at Galactica’s memorial wall
Tyrol has a really lousy day
No forgiveness for Cally
Lee and Dualla, sparring with sparks
Six reacts to Adama’s dismissal of Baltar
Tyrol visits the new Sharon; back to work

Pegasus (210):
• Sadly, no deleted scenes for this episode.

Full list of episodes here: http://www.scifi.com/battlestar/episodes/

From http://galacticaa.net/2005/11/22/season-2-deleted-scenes


Malnurtured Snay said...

As I understand it, the reason there are no deleted scenes for "Pegasus" is because the DVD set will include an extended cut of the episode -- anything that could be classified as a "deleted" scene will most likely be in that cut. So, not sad after all!

Andrew said...

Interesting, that would be worth watching. My theory is that there are some scenes that were incorperated in the second episode, and/or they were too spoilery for the end of the second episode.

Malnurtured Snay said...

On his podcast, Ron Moore said that they'd thought about airing Pegasus as an extended episode, but they would've had to add more scenes to it, and they thought it would've slowed the episode down, so they just settled for butchering it in the editing room and then showing the episode in its original form (probably about an hour long, sans commercials) on the DVD sets.