Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More release dates - Mark Your Calanders

Nowplayingmag.com has updated with a couple of new release dates for Battlestar episodes:

“Resurrection Ship, Part 1” (January 6)
A military power struggle threatens to escalate into all-out war as the Battlestars Galactica and Pegasus attempt to join forces to destroy a critical Cylon target: a “Resurrection” ship.

“Resurrection Ship, Part 2” (January 13)
The Battlestars Galactica and Pegasus engage in an all-out battle to destroy the Cylon “Resurrection” ship.

“Epiphanies” (January 20)
As President Roslin (Mary McDonnell) lies on her deathbed, she flashes back to her life on Caprica and her complicated relationship with President Adar (Colm Feore). Meanwhile, a dangerous group of Cylon sympathizers destroy the tylium refinery and demand peace with the Cylons.

“Black Market” (January 27)
President Roslin's (Mary McDonnell) quest to end rampant black market trading sparks violence and an investigation that reaches deep into military, civilian and government circles.

They also mention that there will be a Battlestar Galactica : The Lowdown, aired January 2nd, but it's not clear if this is a new episode of that or not.