Sunday, December 11, 2005

Four New Promos online has posted up four new promotional teasers for the return of Battlestar Galactica this January 6th. They're a sort of interview and teaser, with actors saying a couple things that'll be happening, along with some clips of upcoming episodes. They're extremely interesting.

Baltar and Six. This one talks about the changing relationship between Six and Baltar, and is says that Gina (Pegasus's Cylon prisoner- a copy of Six) will help fracture that and reverse their relationship. It also mentions that she's different.

Roslin- This clip is showing Roslin on her deathbed, literally, surrounded by Marines, and it's explained that Roslin and Baltar's relationship is going downhill and that they don't trust each other any more.

Two Battlestars- This clip deals with the fact that there are now two Battlestars and that there are some real frictions between the crews. (Like we didn't know that.)

Lee Adama- Yes, he's getting recusitated. This looks like it might have something to do with Black Market, and we're seeing a lot about Lee in this episode, as well as what looks like a lot of flashbacks to his life before. They also mention that he stares death in the face (Well, if you're getting resusitated, you are dead.) and has to figure out if he really wants to continue on.

It looks like we're getting some really good episodes coming up!

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