Monday, December 19, 2005

Ron Moore to Branch Out

Variety and Now Playing Magazine have both reported that Ron Moore has signed a contract with NBC (Which owns the SciFi channel) to be retained for another couple years. Here's the report from NPM:

More for Moore
Written by Scott Collura
Monday, 19 December 2005
Battlestar Galactica executive producer Ron Moore has signed a deal to stick with NBC Universal Television Studio for another two years. Galactica, of course, falls under the NBC Universal banner as part of the studio’s Sci Fi Channel network.
The deal, according to
Variety, will emphasize sci-fi projects. He’s already got the NBC fantasy Pen and the Sword going, as well as Warehouse 13 for Sci Fi. And worry not, Galactica fanatics: Moore will continue to run that show as well.
“It’s something I’ve become known for, but the stories I tell are character-driven narratives,” Moore tells the trade paper of his association with the genre. “I’m especially happy to see that Battlestar has gotten recognition from critics. I’ve always believed in the show.”
Pen and the Sword is about a temp agency employee who realizes that the building he works in is in fact a portal to a medieval-tinged alternate reality. Warehouse 13 is about a duo of government officials who are stationed in the titular warehouse, where they encounter various supernatural artifacts that have been collected over the years.

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