Sunday, January 29, 2006

The 50 Best Episodes of 2005: Galactica & the CIC Top Ten Picks

The Futon Critic has posted up a list of their picks for the 50 best television episodes that aired in 2005. Galactica makes the cut three times with the following rankings and episodes:

4. "battlestar galactica: 33" (sci fi)(originally aired: january 14, 2005)
An adrenaline jolt marked the show's post-mini series debut as the Cylons begin attacking every 33 minutes for no apparent reason. This seat-of-your-pants reintroduction to the characters exemplified how unique and compelling "Battlestar" can be.

12. "battlestar galactica: pegasus" (sci fi)(originally aired: september 23, 2005)
Only "Battlestar Galactica" could find a way to make what should have been a cause for celebration (another "battlestar" is found) into an emotional gut punch. I mean, who didn't gasp during Boomer's "interrogation?"

43. "battlestar galactica: kobol's last gleaming, part 2" (sci fi)(originally aired: april 1, 2005)
Boomer shot fraking Adama! Three months, hell even three hours, was too long to see how this cliffhanger got resolved.

In my opinion, well choosen, as these are some of the episodes that really stood out for me. My own top ten of the 2005 episodes are as follows:

1 - 33
Amazing reintroduction of the show, keeping me at the edge of my seat the entire time. Outstanding episode.

2- Hand of God
Flat out tactical and action episode, which came at a great time in the series. Amazing CGI and great storyline.

3- Kobol's Last Gleaming Part 2
Boomer shot Adama. Holy crap.

4- Bastille Day
Marine boarding action. Kick ass.

5- Pegasus
There's another Battlestar. It's bigger and run by scary people. The reunion was worth everything in the show.

6- Flight of the Phoenix
Loved the storyline here, and the stealth viper.

7- You Can't Go Home Again
Great Lee and Adama character episode.

8- Final Cut
This one was just a cool episode, because it took the story to another point of view.

9- Valley of Darkness
Cylons board the Galactica. The only reason that this is at #9 is because there wasn't much in the way of the Marines fighting, which would have made this an awesome episode.

10- Water
Got to really see what Boomer was about. And that there's more to worry about than the Cylons.

Not to imply that all the other episodes released thus far haven't been good. They have.

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