Thursday, January 19, 2006

Another Ron Moore Update- Downloaded

Ron Moore updated again with some news about the upcoming episode Downloaded:

I've seen some speculation out there that we dropped the Cylon POV episode from the lineup this season, but I'm happy to report that it's untrue. The episode, "Downloaded" will be broadcast as number 18 and I just watched it last night. It's a good show and a very different spin on our story thus far, in that we're telling the A-story entirely through the eyes of the Cylons for the first time. This was something that I'd been wanting to do for a long time but it took a while to come to fruition. The confusion probably came from the fact that we had initially planned to do a clip show as ep 18, but then dropped those plans once we made the decision to split "Resurrection Ship" into two parts, thereby giving us an extra episode and obviating the need for the clip show (which was being planning for budgetary reasons).

Some confusion out there about why Roslin didn't simply promote Adama over Cain at the start of all the trouble or try to relieve the wacky admiral herself. My reasoning was that Cain would never accept it, especially since her acquiesence to Laura's authority as president was shaky at best. Laura should be smart enough to know that Cain wasn't the kind of person who could be taken down by a legalism and so she shouldn't give an order that she knows will be disobeyed, thereby undercutting her own position as president. There used to be a line to that effect in the script, but it got cut over the course of the rewrites.

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