Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Upcoming Episode Spoilers

Dark Horizons have posted up a couple of spoilers from the Chicago Tribune regarding a couple of upcoming episodes:

New "Galactica" Spoiler Details
Posted: Tuesday January 17th, 2006 6:17pm
Chicago Tribune
Author: Garth Franklin

In an in-depth interview with "
Battlestar Galactica" producer Ron Moore, The Chicago Tribune uncovered some major details (AND SPOIILERS!!!!) about the upcoming remainder of the second season which will air its thirteenth episode this coming Friday.
"Laura's health comes to a crisis point in the next episode [after the 'Resurrection Ship' two-parter]. It opens on her being rushed into sick bay. Her time is almost up and Doc Cottle says she's not going to make it. This gave us the chance to do some flashbacks to Caprica before the attacks. We see the president she worked for and there are some surprising revelations about their relationship. We see where she gets some of her philosophy of governing. As the fleet prepares for [vice president] Baltar to take over, he's actually the one who figures out a way to save Laura's life, at the last moment. It comes from his study of Sharon's unborn child, that provides the key to curing Laura's cancer."
We do an episode that's really about fighter combat. [Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace figures prominently]. There's a Cylon raider that keeps coming, just keeps coming. He kills a bunch of pilots. It's their dark shark in the water, he keeps coming to get people."
"There's an episode where a bunch of people take hostages in a bar, and they demand that Adama [get rid of] Sharon. They feel like there shouldn't be any Cylons alive in the fleet. And they'll kill a bunch of hostages to get her."
"There's an episode where Lee has to deal with the new commander of the Pegasus [This person is not the second-in-command whom we met during "Resurrection Ship" episodes]. It turns out the guy who had been in charge was deep into the black market. Another guy is put in charge, he's a bit paranoid. And he's really not up to the task of command. The Pegasus continues to be a troubled ship for the rest of the season."
"There's an episode down the line that we're really excited about, the entire episode is told from the Cylon point of view: what their society is like, what they go through during reincarnation and when they're born again. We really get inside the Cylon [society] and get to view that for the first time."
There's a two-part season finale. We throw some real curveballs. There are some pretty major changes in how we do business. It's really going to catch people off guard."

So it looks like they are keeping the Cylon POV story afterall.

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