Saturday, February 04, 2006

TV Squad Review for Scar

TV Squad has posted up their review for Scar:

Battlestar Galactica: Scar
Posted Feb 3rd 2006 11:21PM by
Keith McDuffee
Sometimes when a show uses time shifting in an episode, it adds something. It makes sense. We already know I took issue with the last two episodes using this trick, and now they do it again. However, unlike that past two times, this episode just didn't gain anything from it.Here we had a completely Starbuck-centric episode, one that showed us her continued feelings toward Enders and hightlighting her reasons for being enthused to head back to Caprica to take back their planet. As an episode that stood to spread out the primary plot of the season, I think it worked well.
Two big happenings tonight. First, we learn that Cylon Raiders are also capable of reincarnation, just like the humanoids. Second, we finally see some Apollo-Starbuck action, though it doesn't happen like either of them would ever had wanted. What Starbuck learns about the Raiders is definitely something for them all to consider dangerous since, as she also learned, they learn by dying and never need retraining.I really liked the Scar storyline and how a Cylon Raider could actually have personality and individuality. It's strange to think that what's essentially a mass of metal and guts could be a living, breathing thing.One thing that had bothered me in the past about this show was how little attention was paid to the dead. We hear of pilots biting it all the time, but they seemed to be casually brushed off. In this episode, we see more of the shrine of the fallen, and get attention paid to the dead in Starbuck's toast. The writers definitely need to do this every once in a while, giving us viewers a sense of what it means to lose one of the very few left of their population.
Current fleet population: ~49,593

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