Saturday, February 11, 2006

TV Squad Review

TV Squad has posted up their review for last night's episode:

Battlestar Galactica: Sacrifice
Posted Feb 10th 2006 11:12PM by
Keith McDuffee
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Lee is one cool character, and I'm glad he's still around. two close calls within, what, three episodes? How many times is this guy going to have to stay away from the light? It was nice to see him back and mopey-free.
I wonder why Sharon is helping Galactica. My only guess is that she's doing whatever it takes to stay alive so her baby can be born, which makes the most sense. It's most likely a plan that all the Cylons had all along, that a Cylon-Human hybrid would survive. Then again, like what's been said in this episode, she may be playing them hard.
Billy made a larger-than-usual presence this week, and I wouldn't be surprised to have see him make a play for vice presidency once the elections came around. He was sort-of dweeby, but he knew how to negotiate. That said, will he really be missed?
You know, Baltar was strangely and totally missing in this episode. You'd think he'd be all over this situation, seeing as the Cylon baby was at risk and the President was highly involved with all that went on.
As for Starbuck shooting Lee, it sure seems to be that they all need some work in close combat training. Maybe they're spending too much time in the fighters on patrols.
I was a bit surprised that the terrorists were so easily fooled by the dead Sharon trick, seeing as there was no tell-tale pregnant bump in the sheet. Oh well, that's nitpicky me for you. Though, seeing as they obviously had a good look at the insides of dead Sharon, shouldn't they have figured out that they all have LEDs in their spines by now?
Current fleet population: ~49,585

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Malnurtured Snay said...

Would they know Sharon was pregnant, though? She wasn't showing until recently, and certainly not in "Final Cut", which would've been the only opportunity for photos of Sharon to be taken.