Thursday, March 09, 2006

Big Huge, Major Spoilers

TV Squad has posted up some EXTREMELY revealing spoilers on the last episode, airing tomorrow night. And I don't mean new images of Six.

To prove my point, I'm actually going to black out spoilers, somthing I don't do often:


Battlestar Galactica
Big, big and very SPOILERY stuff revealed via a preview release of the finale episode, as can be read on
this post in the Sci-Fi Forums. A summary (DO NOT READ IF YOU WANT TO REMAIN UNSPOILED!):
- Fleet decides to settle on what they now call "New Caprica," the planet discovered in the last episode.
- Baltar wins election and is president. Laura becomes teacher. Laura is caught rigging the election, so loses by default.
- The entire series then flashes forward one year...
- Majority of people go to planet, leaving skeleton crews on ships.
- Gina (#6) blows up the Cloud 9 ship. Cylons detect explosion and show up at New Caprica.
- Galactica, Pegasus, and RTF FTL at first sign of Cylons, leaving 99% of remaining humans on the planet...

I really didn't see this coming at all. Way to go! Sounds like we're in for a killer season 3.

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Craig Ranapia said...

Oh. My. Gods. (And I'm sorry if that offends any Cylon sleepers out there. :) ) Still, if that mega-spoiler turns out to be accurate the other spoilers make sense rather than reading like the kind of deus ex machina plot contrivances you'd find in a third-rate Trek pitch.