Monday, March 20, 2006

Kevin's Review of The Finale

Our first fan review:

Friday night saw the season finale of Battlestar Galactica...and it wasworth the wait. Only a handful of shows would dare to jump one year ahead inthe last half-hour and make it work. Initially, I was against it. I wantedto see what everyone had done in that year, I didn't want to miss out on ayear's worth of stories. But that was the point: There were no real stories,no real movement. Everything pretty much ground to a halt once colonizationof the new planet begun. It was cool to see some of the changes. Callypregnant, Dualla is a Lt., Helo serving in the CIC. but that's just windowdressing. They all let themselves go...and now they have to pay the price. I also liked how they didn't create a new utopia, a beautiful new home.The place looked like Farmers Market in a Seattle park. It really reflectedhow human these characters are. They escape from genocide and manage to hidefrom the Cylons and the same old human trivialites come forth. They forgotwhat bound them together and fell back on what they know. Sorta like thiscountry with 9/11. Everyone was united and then the same ol' bickeringstarted. So it was really interesting to see that the same has happenedhere. And then the Cylons, after a year of silence, come back. They let themget fat and careless and distracted and came right back to take advantage ofit. As 6 says when the Cylons were flying overhead, "Judgement Day". This continues the theme that started in the mini-series with Commander Adama'sspeech at the Galactica decomissioning. Do we deserve to go on? Are we allon the wrong path and subject to be harshly judged? The Cylons sought outgenocide the first time for the wayward Children of God, to pay for oursins. And once again they are back. (And it's Baltar's fault AGAIN...He'sgonna two more 6's in his head to deal with this...) Only, what do they wantnow? They have a new agenda and it's frightening to imagine what they wantthis time. And a skeleton crew aboard the Galactica and Pegasus will be hardpressed to deal with this. President Baltar has really done it now...I can'twait to see how they get out of this. Half of next season will have to bedevoted to it...Excellent.

Still looking for more, for the entire season 2 or individual episodes.


Lynda said...

I find it hard to believe that someone has yet to post a comment on this. Bewildering! much like some of the negative reviews I've read of the s2 finale. I have to say that I am not at all of that ilk and share in your enthusiasm for s3. I can't wait and i'm already missing my friday dose of BSG. Props to Ron Moore et. al for pushing boundaries and doing it with intelligence. =)

Andrew said...

Again, feel free to send in your own reviews.

K.G. said...

Thanks Lynda! I don't understand those negative comments about the finale either! Thanks agin for the feedback, I appreciate it!