Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Message from Bear McCreary

Apparently, there's been tracks of the soundtrack floating around online. Bear McCreary has released a serious statement about it:

These tracks circulating on the internet could have a seriously damaging impact on how well the CD performs. I could tell that these had re-circulated, when I started getting "fan mail" about tracks that I haven't released yet. I have to say it bothers me a lot when fans write me and tell me how much they love the soundtrack and then make it crystal clear that they've never bought any of the albums released.
Please keep in mind that no matter how cool the music is, if the tiny record label (La La Land Records) putting them out can't make enough money... there will be no BG soundtrack albums in the future. Please be aware that downloading these tracks puts future soundtrack albums in serious jeopardy.
I'm in the studio all this month fine tuning and remixing for you guys so that the Season 2 album is going to be even better than the Season 1 soundtrack. Rest assured that you're in for a treat come June. But, please help me out here and stop these files from getting around.
Warm Regards,-Bear McCreary

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