Monday, April 17, 2006

Comingsoon Talks to Katie has posted up an article and interview with Katie Sackhoff, about Galactica and White Noise 2:

Katee Sackhoff Talks Galactica Plans
Source: Heather Newgen
April 17, 2006

If you're a
Battlestar Galactica fan, then you know Katee Sackhoff as Starbuck, the kick ass rebellious pilot who is always precise and devious, in and out of the cockpit. was on set with the vivacious actress for her
new film White Noise 2: The Light , co-starring Nathan Fillion of Firefly, and she spilled some secrets on what to expect from Starbuck in the new season.
The first question we had to ask was who would win in a fight, Starbuck or Malcolm Reynolds? "Who is Malcolm Reynolds?" (This brings on huge laughs, as she looks over at Nathan Fillion sitting nearby.) "You like that? Aw, I'm just kidding. Probably me. Yeah, maybe? Starbuck? He's bigger than I am."
Fillion chimes in, "Malcolm would sit on you." (This gets even more laughs.)
Sackhoff revealed her appearance is going to change a little… well, okay a lot to her. "I just lost a huge battle with the producers as far as my hair and what length it should and should not be. So, it's gonna be gone. Shorter than it was in the mini-series." Like
Natalie Portman in V For Vendetta short, we asked? "Yeah, kinda like that," she explained. "So that's going to be happening, and Starbuck finds another man. I'm like what is that? They are mad at me when I called it 'a soap opera' in an interview. She's sleeping with every damn guy on the show, how is it not a soap opera!? So, there is another man that comes into her life, and it is a very unlikely man that everyone is going to be so livid over. Okay, fine, you broke me, it's Adama."
Sackhoff added that Starbuck "goes through a lot of turmoil over the first four episodes, more so than we've ever seen her, the depth of despair that she finds herself in are pretty deep at the end of episode four, and she kind of re-establishes her commitment to the military in episode five which is the haircut."

And what about Starbuck being a woman? Sackhoff doesn't let what some people have to say bother her too much. "There are definitely fans out there who are still purists, and they don't want anything to do with Starbuck being female, but you can't win them all. So, they are missing out. It's a well-written show and if you want to sit here and compare the two characters you can't. They may have the same names, they may have some of the same habits, but for the most part, it's not even the same character. So, if they want to talk stuff about me that's fine. I'm developing a very thick skin."
While Sackhoff loves playing Starbuck, she can relate to her character in "White Noise 2" more. "This character is actually close to how I am in real life, more than Starbuck," she said. "So this was pretty easy to walk into, unlike Starbuck. She rambles a little bit more than I do, so that hasn't been difficult. But, it's hard. I think the hardest thing is for me to go back to Starbuck, because she is so strong and capable and crazy. Like, really, really crazy. So, that's the hard one. There are three overlap days coming up on the 19th, 20th and 21st, where I'm doing days on 'Battlestar' and nights on 'White Noise.'"
Sackhoff added, "I'm thinking that I might get like two hours of sleep a night. But that's okay, because the scenes are really, really intense. It's like I called my agent, and I was like, ''I'm gonna win an Emmy!' I'm gonna be so good on these days. They are gonna be like, 'Wow, that girl's an ass. Damn!'"
You can catch Katee on Battlestar Galactica, which airs on the SCI FI Channel every Friday night, and look for more on White Noise 2: The Light in the coming weeks.

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