Tuesday, April 11, 2006

First Details of Season 3!

Gateworld has posted up the first episode summary of the Premire of Season3, entitled Occupation. As promised, they're dealing with the occupation of New Caprica right away.

Caution, major spoilers.

This is what they have to say:

D'Anna Biers (Lucy Lawless) enters an Oracles tent to visit Selloi Dedona, a frail old woman who is not well. She knows who D'Anna is, and what she is -- a Cylon, "Number Three." But D'Anna herself is not sure why she has come here. The Oracle chews on a handful of chamalla leaves (the planet from which the drug that Laura Roslin once took comes).
Meanwhile, inside the Cylon Planning Ministry, Ellen Tigh is "frakking" an unknown partner. Elsewhere, Tyrol and Anders are a part of a new human resistance movement on New Caprica. They plant a bomb, and attempt to remote detonate it when a Cylon heavy cruiser filled with humanoid Cylons draws near. The device fails at first but later detonates, giving the resistance a much-needed victory.
Laura Roslin remains a school teacher on the planet's surface. Inside her school, she and her former assistant Tory examine several hastily-taken photographs, trying to identify the members of a police force -- possibly humans who are now collaborating with the Cylon occupiers. They await the return of Adama and the Battlestar Galactica.
Saul Tigh, meanwhile, is being held against his will in a Cylon detention facility. Brother Cavil is there, and indicates to him that Tigh may be there a while.
Back in the Oracle's tent, Selloi tells D'Anna that the Cylon has lost her faith -- she not only does not believe in the Colonial pantheon, but not in her own god either. She knows about the dreams that D'Anna has been having, and claims that she is a messenger from God -- just as her dreams are. D'Anna shares the same flaw as the legendary Medusa, she says, and it will lead to her downfall.
Selloi delivers her message to the Cylon: The hybrid child of Sharon Valerii and Karl Agathon is alive. Her name is Hera, and she is alive.
The full article is here.

The other news for Season 3 regards a pilot who's returning in the third season, Christopher Jacot who played Ensign Brett 'BB' Braxon in the episode Scar. For his fate, go here.

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Justine said...

Um, I'm almost positive BB died in Scar, so I don't see how he can be returning in S3. Gateworld must be confused. I don't think they're going to bring him back to life in S3 as a cylon only to kill him again. Or I'll be disappointed if they do as he'd be one lame cylon reveal...

Just saying. Thanks for finding the interview though!