Sunday, May 14, 2006

Galactica Webisodes Now In Production


Battlestar Galactica jumps to the digital world with a series of original webisodes, now in production. SCI FI will debut the series as part of its new "SCI FI Pulse" online broadband network.GateWorld has learned that an early webisode will be titled "Crossroads." It is not yet known whether this is the first episode, nor how many installments will be produced.Check out SCI FI Pulse now at! The just-launched feature includes several popular Galactica features including executive producer David Eick's video blog, the climactic final moments of the Season Two finale, and the entire episode "Scar" for free viewing.

I've been predicting for a little while now that TV would make the leap to the internet within the year - nice to see it happening.

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