Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Major Death Rumoured

Don't read beyong this if you're avoiding some spoilers. SyFy Portal has broke the rumour that a major character will be getting killed in the first couple episodes of Season 3.
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Death isn't limited to a red shirt in SciFi Channel's "Battlestar Galactica" as has already been evidenced by some unexpected deaths like Alonso Oyarzun's Socinus, Paul Campbell's Billy Keikeya, and Lorena Gale's Elosha.
But if you have any particular attachment to a particular character, and a particular ship ... you may want to make your peace before October.
Rumors are swirling that the third episode of "Galactica's" third season, "Exodus," will include the destruction of the Battlestar Pegasus, and the untimely death of Apollo's (Jamie Bamber) wartime lover, Dualla (Kandyse McClure), who dumped Billy in favor of Apollo in the second season episode "Sacrifice."
Of course, don't expect anyone from "Battlestar Galactica" to confirm or deny these reports, so they should be treated as any other rumor would. But security is tight around major storylines from the "Galactica" set, and rumors about the death started popping up a month ago.
TV Guide columnist Michael Ausiello told the readers of his Ask Ausiello column Wednesday that he learned during an interview with "Galactica" executive producer David Eick that a death in Season 3 was imminent.
"At the end of the day, this is a war show, and there are casualties," Eick told Ausiello. "And we can't just see extras getting killed. Sometimes it's got to hit us where we live."
The Pegasus will see its demise when it kamikazes into a Cylon basestar, according to rumors.
"Battlestar Galactica" will premiere its third season on SciFi Channel in October. The show has received considerable attention since the series debuted in 2004, most recently winning honors with the name of Hugo, Leo and Peabody attached to it. - Article by Michael Hinman

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