Sunday, June 04, 2006

David Eick Speaks on Season 3 and Galactica

David Eick has spoken in a couple interviews about Season 3 regarding character deaths, new characters and some information on Caprica.

From TV Fodder:


Some of my favorite bits include:
-The weight Apollo gained at the end of the last season is indicative of an "emotional crisis that's manifesting itself in a change in his physique."
-A central character will "no longer be with us" at the end of the third episode. Eick took a very
Joss Whedon-like approach with his answer to what motivated the exit of the character by saying, "At the end of the day, this is a war show and there are casualties. And I think in order to continue to be honest about that and how we pursue the storytelling, sometimes that's going to mean the people we have come to know and love are no longer going to be with us."
-The audience is to finally going to get to see the inside of a Cylon basestar. Eick said, "The very idea that Cylon technology is all about organic life and mechanistic life cohabitating is taken to the next step in the Cylon base ships. They really are, in a variety of ways, living beings themselves."
-The new season will pick up a couple of months after the events at the end of last season to "advance certain story lines to a breaking point."
-On the relationship between Apollo and Starbuck, Eick made some very interesting comments, including "It's just not a simple relationship, and I think in that way it's much closer to a lot of male-female relationships that remain mysterious for years and are never entirely resolved to be one thing or the other. I think there's always a bit of murkiness about that. And we intend to continue to investigate that timeless male-female dynamic."
-A new character will be introduced in Episode 7 who Adama knew prior to the attacks and who has some very juicy dirt on our beloved admiral.
-Finally, on the spin-off series "
Caprica," Eick says that it is still in script form and they will probably know if it's been picked up for a pilot around July.
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And from TV Guide, another interview with similar information, which can be seen here.

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