Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Galactica to be Moved to NBC?

Lot of articles today, given the recent release of episodes 301 and 302.

TV Squad has a slightly disturbing article. Turns out that it's probably false, but you never know:

Will Battlestar Galactica make a jump to NBC?

There's a fairly logical rumor brewing that NBC is in the final stages of a plan to put Battlestar Galactica on its network. It's no surprise, really. NBC/Universal owns the SciFi Channel, which airs BSG. Plus, it's a huge success with viewers and critics. Speculators put the show on NBC at the mid-season, directly after sci-fi hit Heroes, with Studio 60 finding a new time slot on the NBC primetime schedule.

However, a little phone call over to NBC Universal shoots down that rumor. Jessica Nevarez in the publicity department tells us, "It is an online rumor that someone started and it is absolutely false."

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