Tuesday, December 05, 2006

10 Reasons BSG Is Doomed

According to this blog anyway:

Is Battlestar Galactica Doomed?

It is with a heavy heart that I am forced to confront the possibility that the once-great show Battlestar Galactica may be heading to fraktown. After Friday's head-clutchingly bad episode, which combined boxing scenes with barfy romantic flashbacks, my sense of foreboding has escalated into franchise panic. Will our beloved show go Star Trek:TNG season 7 on us? Or, worse, Buffy season 6? Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. Read on for the ten signs that Battlestar Galactica is turning a dangerous corner . . .

10. Show co-creators Ron Moore and David Eick are both developing multiple other projects. Moore is working on BSG prequel show Caprica, and Eick is working on both Bionic Woman and Them.

Okay, so they're doing other projects. That's what executive producers do, they do multiple projects. They've hired on some new writers, like Jane. I don't see this as having a huge effect.

9. Crucial subplots, such as the fate of Sharon and Helo's hybrid baby, are left dangling for more than three episodes.

This makes sense if you believe that 99.9% of the viewers have a really bad case of ADD or just poor memory. Let's not overload every episode with little bits of everything and drag the pacing down shall we?

8. Rather than developing characters via personal transformation, character development is charted via hair length, presence/absence of beards, and weight gain/loss.

You mean a character can't grow a beard or gain weight and not change their personality a bit either? People change over a year. They're also changing back, after the first couple episodes. How does this effect the rest of the season?

7. The only way the writers imagine they can showcase Edward James Olmos' considerable acting talents is via long-winded speeches.

Erm, he's got some shorter speeches too. Some military people make speeches.

6. Cylon threesomes.

Odd, I would have thought that'd tune in more viewers and thus not doom the show.

5. Too much intimacy with the mysterious Cylon enemy in their SM dungeon ship makes them seem campy rather than scary.

Since when did the Cylon ships need to be scary? Okay, when the Marines boarded one, maybe, but I thought that with the dim lighting and dead Cylons everywhere, it was creepy enough. Baltar isn't really supposed to be scare of them.

4. Entire episodes are clumsily devoted to single-word social issues like "torture" and "genocide."

Um, like two? One in season 1 and the other this season? (Respectively) There was the suicide bombing, but these storylines are in the minority.

3. Eick promises next season will bring more flashback-heavy episodes that focus on romantic entanglements and/or childhood trauma.

Well, that seemed to work with LOST. And getting into the character's pasts isn't a bad thing.

2. A retcon turns Adama into the cause of the Cylons' attack on the twelve colonies, thus making him both improbably important and too much of a bastard.

A) This made Adama a fall guy, not an important one. That's why he was on the Galactica in the first place, because his mission failed. B) And that really doesn't make Adama a bastard, he was following orders. A bastard would have to be malicious. Our heroes can't always get out clean

1. Boxing is used as a thin excuse for an episode that could have been written (better) by shippers.

Right, because I want a 14 year old fanboy (or girl) writing about people hooking up in a soap opera version of Galactica.

I'm convinced! I've got my own reasons for why BSG could be doomed, and those aren't them. Original Site

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