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Joss Whedon Loves Battlestar Galactica

This in from the SyFyPortal:

Whedon On 'Serenity': You Have To Call Me
Buffy creator also expresses love for 'Battlestar Galactica'

(December 07 2006) - "Serenity," the film version of Joss Whedon's long-canceled science-fiction/western series "Firefly," isn't dead: It's just that no one has asked for it.

"Nobody's asked me for anything more," Whedon recently told TV Guide's Ileane Rudolph. "They all know that I'm there, and that it's not somethng I would ever turn my back on. But they do have to ask. I don't have all that money."

Whedon, who is in the middle of rewrites for the proposed Wonder Woman movie, said that while his experience with the Fox network over "Firefly" "wounded me really badly," he's still interested in working on projects that would make the small screen. However, the demon isn't hard feelings, but more like time.

"I have a few commitments, Wonder Woman being the biggest," Whedon said. "I can't let any of them slide, so I've got to get through the things I already agreed to do before I can start agreeing to do other things. But I miss TV. I'm not going to lie: I love it."

Whedon, a self-proclaimed comic book buff, said he's been trying to keep up with different series, but one he refuses to read is the comic book series based on SciFi Channel's reimagining of "Battlestar Galactica," but not for the reasons one might think.

"If they stopped doing 'Battlestar Galactica,' and then two or three years later (executive producers) Ron Moore and David Eick said, 'We ourselves are going to continue the story in comic-book form -- as opposed to something ancillary to the show done by other people,' then I would be all over it," Whedon said. "People used to say, 'Will you make a 'Buffy (the Vampire Slayer') movie like 'The X-Files' did?' ' I was like, 'Never,' because while the show is going on, the show is my only priority. That's not to say the 'Battlestar' comic isn't great, but I love that show the way other people love 'Buffy.' I love it unreasonable. It feels wrong."

Whedon described "Battlestar Galactica" his favorite show, "maybe ever," and said he feels Moore and Eick know his opinion.

"I think I drooled on Ron at a dinner party once," Whedon said jokingly. "I don't think he was thrilled."

For more of the interview, including details about the new "Buffy the Vampire" comic book series, check out TV Guide's interview.

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