Friday, December 01, 2006

New Blogs!

David Eick (Who interestingly appears as a telephone - Maybe he's one of the missing five Cylons) has posted up a new blog on the filming of the upcoming episode Eye of Jupiter:

Ron Moore has also posted on his blog:

Upcoming Podcast-o-ramas

Three -- count'em -- three podcasts are winging their way to you this week from snowy Vancouver: "Hero," "Unfinished Business," and a discussion of the show with a group of the actors, myself and MrsRon sitting in our apartment and talking over various aspects of the show.

The "Roundtable Discussion" as we're calling it, is a freewheeling discussion, and there are definitely times when there's too much cross-talk and too much laughter on the recording to discern anything coherent (especially in the beginning) but tucked in amid the revelry are some interesting and fascinating tidbits which I hope you'll enjoy. Think of it as being a fly on the wall during a dinner party with a group of people delighted to be talking over the ins and outs of their favorite show. In addition to myself and the missus, we were joined by James Callis, Jamie Bamber, Tamoh Penikett, Mark Sheppard (an upcoming guest star with a major role in the finale) and Henry, a child-hood friend of Jamie's who happened to be in town that night.

The "Unfinished Business" podcast also features Tamoh and Grace Park.

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