Saturday, December 16, 2006

TV Squad Review for Eye of Jupiter

From TV Squad:

Battlestar Galactica: The Eye of Jupiter
tyrol eye of jupiter
(S03E11) You could tell right away from the "previously on" that this was going to be a huge episode. Not that it being the fall finale wasn't enough. Though would you put it past them to end this with a huge cliffhanger? I didn't think so.

How is it that Tyrol is able to somehow hear a strange calling from the far away temple, when all others seemed deaf to it? It definitely makes you wonder if he may be a sleeper Cylon, though it's not as though humans haven't exhibited strange behavior before. In fact there are a couple of other things that happen in this episode that feel very coincidental -- the humans and Cylons converging on the same planet at the same time, the sun about to supernova.

Tyrol's involvement does seem oddly placed, though. The sudden feelings he has when in the temple, for example. And what seems like his eventual clueing-in about what and where the Eye of Jupiter exists. There's definitely much more to Tyrol than we've come to know, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Is he the chosen one the Hyrid spoke of, over and over?

Random thought: I wish we could have heard the conversation between Adama and Baltar that actually convinced them that sending multiple Cylons onto the Galactica was an OK idea. Why the need for talk in person anyway?

I don't think we saw such a revealing of the emotional threesome action going on between Baltar, Caprica and D'Anna. Sure we saw them sleeping together often, though there was a much more intimate scene in this episode. There's a pretty famous science fiction book that has a theme of trinity relationships, of which name escapes me for some reason. I wonder if the writers are taking off on that theme here. Or maybe it's just hot, which is fine, of course.

And sort-of on that topic, it's interesting how marriage is considered a sacrament, though their religion of believing in multiple gods is so different than Earth's Christianity.

Some folks felt that we were sort-of left hanging after the fight episode with Starbuck and Apollo, though we finally see how that later fared tonight. Not a ton to go on quite yet, though from the incredibly lackluster previews for the next episode, we see there should be a lot more to that when we return. (Seriously though, that is the preview we're left with to sit on for a month? Gah.)

Sharon finding out about Hera was inevitable, and soon. We all knew that. A big controversy going on in the comments for the past few weeks was whether or not Adama knew about Hera being alive along with Roslin. You know, I'm still not exactly sure what the answer to this is without going back to much earlier episodes to refresh my memory. Adama clearly looks upset at Roslin when she tells him about Hera, but is it because he never knew or because she kept her in the school? Initially I'd say Adama didn't know, but then Helo gets on Adama, saying he should know better through having kids of his own.

Obviously those nukes are not sent to the planet's surface; we can all easily assume that. Though if their plan is to have those nukes sent on their way, a much more dramatic end to the episode would be them actually launching them. Could it be that Adama's tricking the Cylons and they're actually targeting the base stars with the nukes? Not likely, though I'm not sure what would change Adama's mind suddenly. The radios don't work, so no cry for a sudden stop from the planet would happen.

The only reasonable idea I have for what will stop Adama from releasing the nukes is Tyrol finding some sort of button in the temple that triggers some sort of massive visual event, pointing out into space to the direction of Earth. Everyone stops what they're doing and rushes back to their ships and starts heading that way. Got any theories of your own?

I'm not sure about you, but I'm about as eager to find out who those final five Cylons are as D'Anna is. Will we find out before the season's over? Will we learn of all of them or just one or two? Mid-January can't come soon enough.


Anonymous said...

I bet a basestar fires on the raiders, destroying most of them (baltar and company slipping through the carnage) and defuses the situation.

Andrew said...

Hm, I didn't consider that option. It's possible. My guess is that the Chief finds something in the temple that'll send off a pulse or something that'll let everyone know where Earth is, and that'll diffuse everything.