Friday, December 01, 2006

TV Squad's Review

Okay, one more post, TV Squad has posted up their review of the episode. I've also posted up my blurb, along with others from the week's TV on my own blog,

Battlestar Galactica: Unfinished Business

adama and roslin toking
(S03E09) Gods that's a classic image to remember, isn't it? Who would've thought that Roslin was a pot head? Anyway, I digress...

This episode was a lot better than the previews made it out to be. A few commenters complained when they saw it was going to be "the boxing episode," but once the smoke cleared it was evident that this was actually a very well crafted part of a love story, along with a well needed bit of talking to the troops by the admiral.

I've complained in the past about how often this show takes liberties with its use of flashbacks and flash-forwards, though this episode was by far an exception. Obviously we all knew that, at some point, we'd need to see some of what went on during those missing months on New Caprica. This was a great way to show us a significant portion of what happened between Lee and Kara, as well as giving us some insight into why they became the people they are now.

The only reason I can figure that Kara jumped up to go marry Anders was because of her checkered past with Lee. We saw a few glimpses of scenes between Starbuck and Apollo, how they'd just never seem to get together no matter how close they became. It seems to me that she ran to marry Anders to spare herself from having to endure more uncertainties and heartache from Apollo. Am I way off base here?

So now the question we have is will Kara and Lee now toss aside those they're with to really be together, or do they still realize that it's something that's just not going to happen? Or will their counterparts simply drop them like dead weight before they have a chance to do it themselves, saving them the trouble?

Random observation: I don't think I ever noticed the tats on Starbuck as much as in this episode. Are they new as of this season? Was she sporting them during her romp with Apollo? Anyway, they're pretty wild looking.

Then we have Adama's speech and all that led up to it. Very well done, as I wasn't sure where he was going with jumping in the ring and wanting to badly to put some hurt on Tyrol. This was something that, until tonight, I didn't realize needed saying so badly. These guys are still at war, and they let their guard down before they were sure it was time. While some have been hardened like Saul, others have become soft. One has to wonder if this has anything to do with them being soft on unleashing that virus on the Cylons a couple of episodes ago.

If anything else, it was actually great to see everyone together again in the flashbacks to New Caprica. Ellen alive. Baltar celebrated. And a much bigger human population with no Cylons occupation. Good times.

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