Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tricia Helfer + Playboy

This in from TV Squad:

Ooooohhh, this is good news... good news, indeed:

Tricia Helfer, who plays one of the Hot Cylons -- Number Six, to be specific -- on Battlestar Galactica, is scheduled to appear in Playboy next month. She's a former Victoria's Secret model, so it's not like this is the first time she's been photographed nude or scantily-clad; heck, just call up her name on Google Images and you'll see plenty of examples, from Maxim and other sources. It's just that Playboy does things... I don't know; they just do things right. Whether the airbrushing looks more realistic, or the fact that they surround their models in shimmering fabric (or hay bales or fountains or whatever...). Let's just say that they'll treat her well there.

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