Wednesday, February 07, 2007

DVD Movie News

BuddyTV has a couple of things on the proposed DVD movie for Galactica. In the article, it says that the movie will "bring back a popular character" and will act as a sort of "bonus episode". The movie is to be a two hour affair, although it has yet to get a green light.

Producers are still considering a two-hour Battlestar Galactica
DVD film, to be released directly to video. Series producers Ron Moore and David
Eick now say that the film, if greenlit, would be in the form of a "bonus
episode" that will bring back a popular character. Although the script has not
yet been written (or so they say) the plotline of the DVD will reportedly not
interrupt the continuity of the current storyline nor will it resolve the
expected third season cliffhanger; it will, however, probably use the existing


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