Saturday, February 24, 2007

Galactica Direct to DVD movie Confirmed.

From IGN, who's been covering the New York City Comic Con:

NYCC 07: Galactica DTV Movie Confirmed
"Side stories" coming straight to DVD.
by Scott Collura

February 24, 2007 - Rumors of a direct-to-DVD Battlestar Galactica movie were confirmed today by the Sci Fi Channel's Adam Stotsky during a Galactica panel at New York Comic-Con.

While details on the film remain top secret, Stotsky acknowledged that a DTV project is in the works and that it will focus on "side stories" that the creators of the popular series have not been able to fit into the regular episodic run. Stotsky added that after the film is released on DVD, it will eventually be aired on Sci Fi as well.

Series stars Tricia Helfer (Six) and James Callis (Baltar) were also in attendance, and after the panel they both told IGN that they expect to appear in the film, though neither actor has seen a script for the project yet. Callis says, sort of cryptically, that he does not think the DTV film will be very "Galactica-centric."

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