Wednesday, February 07, 2007

SciFi Updates

The SciFi channel site has updated with a number of new things. First up, the podcast for the upcoming episode, The Woman King, is up for download:

314The Woman King

Also, there's a new video blog, hosted by Second Camera Assistant Collin, for an upcoming Adama-Centric episode, viewable here.

Finally, a new feature was launched, a Battlestar Galactica Quiz, which you can take here. (I aced the first one, 9/10 on the second, 8/10 on the third and fourth)


Lynda said...

Thanks for the link to the quiz page =)... i'm a total bsg nerd on account of my getting a 10 on quizzes 1,2 and 4 but quiz 3 has me perplexed (mabye Lee is putting me off with his pouting). What is up with question 8 in the third quiz?

Anonymous said...

heehee I scored 10/10 on all of them...