Monday, March 19, 2007

TV Squad Review of Crossroads Part 1

battlestar galactica lee adama pinstripes
(S03E19) Don't you sort of have a love-hate relationship with the final episodes of your favorite shows? There's the heightened anticipation of what's typically some of the best episodes of the season, while at the same time you get that disappointing feeling in your gut when you realize things are soon coming to an end. Two-part finales are cruel.

No early podcast this week, which is a good thing for purists who want to keep surprised as each episode airs.

Random thought: If there are humans still left on New Caprica, would it be possible then that they'd be alive in some way and able to continue living? Were they reliant on most of the technology upon the ships that were forced to leave them behind, or are they as good as dead? The nuke was never set off, right?

Some of you commenters may be onto something with the whole Balter-as-Jesus thing, that Moore's intention has been for Baltar to appear and almost become a Jesus-like figure in the eyes of some of the residents of the fleet. I certainly wouldn't say that his appearance will have anything at all to do with the relationship later to Earth, though; it's just a metaphor.

Lampkin may have been right in explaining that Baltar's decision to surrender is likely the reason the human population on Galactica is *only* missing 5,197 people. I say "may have been" because I'm not so sure Roslin wouldn't have also surrendered. In their condition at that time, what choice would they have had?

Definitely an odd sight seeing Lee in a pinstripes rather than his military uniform. It seemed that Bill Adama knew why Roslin was again taking kamala extract, which is why he was moving to put a stop to the question. Still, it was infuriating for the Admiral to so vehemently try to stop Lee's questioning in the way he did.

Getting back to Lee handing in his wings, it wasn't all that a surprising move. In fact, it was inevitable that he'd want to completely step out from under his father's shadow, and since he's rather stranded within the fleet, this is probably one of the final gestures he could have made in order to clear his mind and do what he feels is the right thing by the law.

But why would Roslin not choose to go through with the same "cure" once again? Maybe she's a kamala junkie? I guess the opening sequence to this episode may lend a hint, where Sharon and she were chasing Hera. They both want Hera to be alive and safe, though their reasons may not be in sync.

As for the music that Tigh and Anders are hearing, all I can say is that it's definitely an interesting new twist. I have read some of the unavoidable (for me) spoilers out there regarding this particular detail of the finale, and I'm still not quite sure what to make of it. Obviously only select people can hear it, but why?

Definitely a step in a better direction with this episode, and the case of Baltar is much better than I'd thought it could be already. One more episode, everyone!

Current fleet population: 41,399

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