Sunday, April 29, 2007

Helo to visit Smallville

This in from the TV Addict:

Galactica’s Helo Lands in SMALLVILLE

Turns out BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’S Captain Karl “Helo” Agathon will be landing on earth a little sooner then expected. On Thursday May 10, Helo, also known as real-life actor Tahmoh Penikett will be guest starring on SMALLVILLE as [surprise!] a military man turned super soldier thanks to some meteor freak DNA.

While we could take this opportunity to complain about the fact that SMALLVILLE’S still utilizing the lame ‘freak-of-the-weak’ story after six seasons on the air, we’d rather focus on the positive and give the show kudos for employing a member of the Galactica fleet. Here’s hoping that Helo took notes on his journey to earth, as we have a feeling Adama’s going to need them come next season.

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