Tuesday, April 03, 2007

So... Where's the Podcast? - Update - It's Up!

UPDATE- The podcast is now up! At least the Q&A - SciFi.com lists Crossroads Part 2, but the file isn't up yet. Hopefully that'll be up soon.

Frak Party Q&A
Ron Moore answers questions about the Season Three finale

Regular listeners to Ron Moore's podcast have been left behind for over a week now as the final commentary track for Crossroads Part 2 has yet to appear on the SciFi website. Moore posted up in his blog saying that there would be a delay due to illness after his trip to Berkley. Whether he's still sick, that's yet to be seen, but in the mean time, we're left with no podcast, and that's the one that I've been wanting to hear. Hopefully, Moore will be back soon to record it, feeling better.
However, he doesn't have an explaination for why an extended Q&A podcast which was also supposed to be up last week has not been put online yet. This seems to fall right into SciFi's webmasters, either backlogged or forgetful. Hopefully, both will be up soon.

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