Friday, October 19, 2007

More Rumors...

This in from the SyFy Portal:

Moore Denies Roslin Rumor, Fuels Season
This story contains possible
for Season 4 of "Battlestar
Galactica.""Battlestar Galactica" executive producer Ronald D. Moore has denied a recent report by SyFy Portal that Mary McDonnell's character of President Laura Roslin could exit the fourth season as early as mid-season. He's also fueled speculation that SciFi Channel will indeed split the fourth season, all thanks to the pending Writers Guild of America strike.
"I just told Ron what this spoiler was, and he said the Laura spoiler is 'not true,'" said Terry Moore, wife of the executive producer, who is a regular poster on the SciFi Channel message boards. "He also said that he hasn't even told the studio what the end of the show is."
The denial comes after McDonnell reportedly told a bunch of college students that hung out with her at a Massachussetts university last weekend.
"Mary told us that she only has three episodes left to film for BSG and is sad to say good-bye to Laura," a student who attended the gathering told SyFy Portal earlier this week.

Not sure what to think now...

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