Monday, November 26, 2007

Razor Reviews

Reviews are starting to come in for Razor, the Galactica Telemovie. Here's one from TV Squad:

Rather than have you sit through what basically would amount to a more detailed version of the
Early Look post I did about Razor last month, I wanted to at least make sure you all had a forum of sorts to discuss the movie. I will, however, mention a few points worth mentioning again ...
  • Obviously the biggest "news" from the episode was the revelation that Starbuck is supposedly the bringer of apocalypse. Should the hybrid really be believed?
  • Several times we saw the message hit home that "this has happened before and it will happen again." Ron D. Moore had also made that theme pretty clear several times in the past, not to mention the webisodes carrying that same message.
  • OK, so it's pretty clear that Cain was into girls. Know what? Big deal. I have no idea why that was such a fuss when that spoiler came up before, as it doesn't seem to mean a whole lot of anything significant.
  • It was surreal to see Cain actually kill the former XO in the exact way it was told to the crew of the Galactica in the series. A extremely tense moment in the movie for sure.
    Any thoughts on the old Cylon "guardians" and what their purpose might be in the fourth season?

More as I find them!

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