Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Re-Cap Episode Coming?

This in from the SyFy Portal:

'Battlestar Galactica' Finally Gets A Recap
Fans have asked for it, and now it seems that SciFi Channel is delivering.TV Guide's Michael Ausiello says the network plans to offer some "Battlestar Galactica" goodness in March in the form of a recap episode that would highlight the last three seasons of the show as it prepares for an April fourth season premiere.
"While it's true that original episodes won't start unspooling until early April, Season 4 will technically
blast off in late March with a (prepare to groan) fancy schmancy recap special," Ausiello said. "Hey, it's something."
The current gap between seasons is the longest in the show's history since the one-year gap between the airing of the miniseries and the launch of the first season. With television audiences
apparently getting shorter memories, and the hope that final season buzz may draw in some additional viewers, it appears SciFi Channel added the recap special as an additional draw for audiences.
That won't disrupt the release of "Razor" on Nov. 24 or any other aspect of the show. And original episodes won't begin after that until spring.

Sounds similar to some of the things that they have done before - there was a catchup episode prior to Season 3 being released, and if memory serves, shortly before Season 2 as well.

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