Monday, January 14, 2008

Random News

A couple of things this afternoon. Things are going to start heating up with Season 4 finally within sight...

Vote for Galactica - Vote for Galactica on E!, Battlestar is currently at .8%

Remote Access
has a look at the Season 3 DVDs

SyFyPortal has a look at the new Terminator series's music as Bear McCreary is the composer.

Ecplise Magazine has a contest for Razor.

And, best for last, Cinema Blend is reporting that the start date for Season 4 will be... April 4, which makes sense, because the Season 3 DVDs are coming out just before that. And, as the SyFyPortal also reports, Galactica's back to Friday nights.


Anonymous said...

Friday night? SERIOUSLY? The least watched night of television? And while there is virtually NO competition out there? Way to bury it, SciFi.

Andrew said...

Actually, the move to Sunday nights didn't help the ratings at all - SciFi friday nights have generally been a good block of time with Stargate. I'm not 100% sure of what they'll run it with, but it'll probably be better...