Friday, March 28, 2008

Katee Sackhoff talks Battlestar Galactica

Lot of news as we get closer and closer to BSG-Day. This in from the TV Squad:

Possible Spoilers

Katee Sackhoff talks Battlestar Galactica

Early this afternoon (at least for me here on the east coast), Katee Sackhoff participated in a conference call with reporters, discussing her part as Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica, both in seasons past and the upcoming final season of the series.

A few highlights:

* Katee was asked about the significance of the last supper image promo for season four. She mentions how so many people try to interpret the photo, but she says, at least the way she saw it, the cast would have all had to have been in on it for it to really mean something.
* She was asked if, like Michael Hogan (and other recently-revealed Cylons), her reaction would be negative if she were revealed to be a Cylon. She said she was probably indifferent to the thought. She also said that she thinks Michael's still in disbelief.
* They're currently shooting episode 14, and she is no closer to having answers now (at least with regards to her relationship with Anders) than she was at the end of the third season.
* Director Ron Moore was the first director she can recall that has ever said "thank you" after every take.
* If she could take one item with her from the show when it's over it would be her flight suit, helmet and gun belt. "Drive right off the set and go have the things bronzed."
* She said the cast has been told who the final Cylon is but she still can't believe it. She thinks the final Cylon should be revealed in the final episode, but she's not sure exactly who it really is for certain. She's also not sure if this final Cylon will be revealed in the first run of episodes or not, as she doesn't read through each entire script to know that.
* She agrees with Ron Moore that there shouldn't be a Battlestar Galactica movie after the series is over. She also says that, as of now, she has no interest in being in one if it does happen.
* She said if she had total control over what happens to her character, she'd have her die. She wants Starbuck to find some form of peace, and if that means death or something else, as long as she ends up happy somehow.
* She said she's learned not to hang around online reading about how she's doing on the show, as it would take 100 positive remarks to make her feel better from reading one negative one.
* She said this seasons definitely going to shock people and probably ruffle some peoples' feathers. Be prepared to see things not all wrapped up nicely with a bow at the end of the series.
* Originally Starbuck was being cast as being a 35 year-old woman, but then they went with her.
* Maybe I heard this wrong, but I'm pretty sure she said she could best see Starbuck winding up with Leoben when all's said and done.
* She was asked if she'd have interest in David Eick's upcoming Children of Men TV project, and she says she'd follow Eick to the end of the Earth. So ... Maybe?

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