Friday, April 04, 2008


TVTattle put together a slew of links:

Why "Battlestar Galactica" must self-destruct
"As the end — and Earth — draw near," says Scott Brown, "'BSG' has seen its moral clarities cloud over. This was always going to be a hurtling, one-way trip to enlightenment and/or oblivion. And like all the fantasies born in the Bush age, the show is programmed to self-destruct: Consider 'Lost,' the purgatory-as-therapy sci-fi ropes course that has declared a 48-episode limit on its desert-island wanderings. In fact, it's 'Lost' creator J.J. Abrams who'll be relaunching 'BSG's' sunnier predecessor, 'Star Trek,' with a prequel due out next year. By then, we'll have a new president-elect and, one way or another, a new age, with a new mood — and a new T-shirt."

"Battlestar" for newbies: Everything you were afraid to ask // Another primer
Ron Moore on directing, the strike, final season // Cylon Bible does exist
Cast has mixed emotions // L. Adama on L. Adama // Tigh on being a Cylon
"Battlestar" has been fearless at tackling big issues like war, race, religion...
"Battlestar": Comic Book // How "Galactica" avoided every TV remake mistake

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