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The quest for the final Cylon

More speculation as the 4th season is coming soon -

The quest for the final Cylon
One of the most talked about aspects of the final season of Battlestar Galactica has been who will be revealed as the final Cylon. Many will argue (and rightfully so) that this show is much more than discovering who this final Cylon is, but the fact remains that this discovery is an important aspect of the show. Otherwise, why would such a reveal be such a well-kept secret? Because it makes good TV, that's why.

With four of the final five Cylons being revealed in the third season finale, lots of speculation is flying on who that fifth Cylon might be. There are two interesting theories in particular I want to mention.

Earlier this week I posted my early look at the fourth season premiere. In the comments for that post, reader Stu mentioned a theory I hadn't thought of before (though I admittedly don't read all of the fan boards). In that comment he reminds us of Leoben's exchange with Roslyn in 'Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down', where he whispers "Adama's a Cylon." I remember this scene explicitly, as I had to rewind my DVR to make sure I really heard what he said.

Most viewers automatically assume Leoben meant Bill Adama. Still others thought perhaps he meant Lee Adama. Commenter Stu, however, reminds us there's another Adama on the table: Zac Adama, Lee's brother. Remember, he died in a crash before the events of this series. Could he perhaps come back?

While this theory is great to speculate upon, I'm doubtful. I emailed the talent manager for Tobias Mehler, the man who played Zac one time in the series (he was played by someone else in the mini-series), and as for him having a role this season: "not to my knowledge." Not exactly 100% concrete, but seeing as I doubt she'd lie and didn't say "no comment," I'm inclined to say Zac was human and is dead and buried/burned.

I still wonder why Leoben bothered to say that to Roslyn, though. I understand it causes confusion and distrust, but it didn't really work well, did it? And it just seemed ... uncharacteristic of a Cylon. Maybe he meant Carolanne Adama (she appeared once in 'A Day in the Life')? Maybe I should call Lucinda Jenney's agent next. Nah.

The second theory that's intrigued me for a while is the return of Billy Keikeya as the final Cylon. You might remember that he was killed in 'Sacrifice'. This would be quite a wild reveal, but not as wild as some others. However, just to see what would happen, I emailed Paul Campell's talent agent. When I asked if Campbell would be reprising his role in season four, he said, "you can ask, but I can't tell you." When I then asked if that meant he didn't know or if his answer was "no comment," he replied: "no comment."

The "no comment" remark from a talent agent could mean anything. It could mean he really is returning and has been told not to say (or that he knows by saying it would mean big trouble for him.) It could be that he signed a NDA that states he can't comment on the actor's involvement with the show. It could also just be him messing with us, hoping that I'll do this post and get Paul more press -- and, look, it worked. Heck I would have posted about Paul anyway, but only if he would have really been given a true greenlight for Nobody's Watching. Damn you, NBC! But I digress.

What are some of the better theories you've read or heard out there? I've got a few of my own that just seem way too far-fetched to me, but I'll just pat myself on the back if/when one of those theories comes true.
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