Friday, June 13, 2008

Frak! No More Galactica until 2009,

Tonight's the last new episode of 2008, it would appear:

No more frakking BSG until 2009?!
Battlestar GalacticaI mean seriously, what the frak? Why the frak do we have to wait until frakking 2009 for the final frakking season of Battlestar frakking Galactica. Those motherfrakking skinjobs, and I know they're Cylons or they wouldn't do this to us, really like to frakking torture us diehard frakking fans, don't they. Frakkers! Wow, that does make it incredibly frakking easy to drop frakking curse words all the frakking time without really frakking cussing. How frakking liberating is that!

But back to business. Executive producer Ronald D. Moore spoke at a Wednesday night screening of this Friday's summer finale and broke the news that the remainder of this fourth and final season of BSG probably wouldn't air until early 2009. The show just doesn't want to have to face off against the new fall slates on the networks or football and baseball, which I guess I can understand. Why not wait until January so all you have to deal with is those crappy shows nobody watches like American Idol and 24? And nobody will be interested in the build-ups to the season finales of shows like Lost and Heroes. It's a frakking no-brainer!


Battlestar Galactica fans are well-advised to sit back and savor this Friday's midseason finale, because the balance of Season 4 — the series' last, lest we forget — won't be hitting the tube until after "the first of the year," says executive producer Ronald D. Moore. And that's a best-case scenario.

At a Wednesday-night screening of this week's episode, Moore explained to that even though they are currently filming the series' final scenes, the "practical realities" of post-production — coupled with the formidable end-of-year competition presented by new fall series, baseball and football — places the onset of the final episodes at the start of 2009, at the earliest. "Realistically, there's no way to get back on the air faster," he apologetically added.



Anonymous said...

Screw it, dude. This is pissin' me off. I was looking forward to the series ending, in a good way, and savoring the last episodes. But 2009!? I'm losing my patience--and enthusiasm.

Marinell M said...


Your readers would probably like to know that Inside Media at The Paley Center has a show about Battlestar Galactica now available on iTunes.

Here is the link:

About Inside Media at the Paley Center's Battlestar Galactica:
The creators and cast of Battlestar Galactica talk about the re-imagining of the show, what makes it different, and its impact on everyday life. This William S. Paley Television Festival evening honors Battlestar Galactica, the re-imagining of the 1978 ABC sci-fi series about a lost tribe of humans on a fleet of starships, led by the Battlestar Galactica, during a war with the robotic Cylons. David Bushman (television and advertising curator, The Paley Center for Media) moderates the following panelists: executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick, and cast members Grace Park (Sharon), James Callis (Dr. Gaius Baltar), Jamie Bamber (Lee "Apollo" Adama), Katee Sackhoff (Kara "Starbuck" Thrace), Mary McDonnell (Laura Roslin), and Edward James Olmos (Adm. William Adama). After a video hello from actress Tricia Helfer (Six), the panelists cover a number of topics, including why the producers decided to re-imagine Battlestar Galactica, the social relevance of the show, the casting and writing processes, the difference between BSG and other sci-fi shows, and the use of the word "frak" in everyday life.

Thank you for considering sharing the news with your readers!

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