Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Production Update from SciFi

The SciFi channel's SciFiWire has updated with some new information regarding Season 2. From what they say, there's going to be some exciting stuff happening. Caution, there are Spoilers:

More Galactica Deaths Coming?
Will more characters die in the upcoming second season of SCI FI Channel's original series Battlestar Galactica? That's what series creator and executive producer Ronald D. Moore told SCI FI Wire in an interview at EnigmaCon at the University of California, Los Angeles, on May 28.
"Yes, there are a couple of familiar faces that will go down for the count," Moore said cryptically, without identifying the doomed characters. He added: "I would say the events of the end of last season [mark] the beginning of this season."
Among other things, Moore said: "Adama's [Edward James Olmos] shot. There's people stranded on Kobol. Kara's [Katee Sackhoff] back on Caprica. Those storylines continue; all those continue. I would say we don't wrap up season one until episode seven. Adama is not back on his feet anytime soon. Commander Tigh [Michael Hogan] is in charge of Galactica. Laura [Roslyn, played by Mary McDonnell,] is in jail. There's a meteor crisis that follows the cliffhanger, and Tigh kind of steers them through that crisis successfully. But, you know, Tigh, he's probably the guy you don't want in charge."
Moore said that cast and crew are in the process of shooting the sixth episode of the second season in Vancouver, B.C. "We have scripts for the first 10 episodes," he added. "The 11th should be in this week, and we have the stories for the first 14."
Moore offered additional spoilers for the second season's arc. "Things begin to unravel when [Tigh's] in charge of the fleet. He declares martial law at a certain point. There is an incident where he sends the troops to get supplies, because the ships are withholding supplies from Galactica. He says enough is enough and sends out the troops, and an incident happens, and people get killed. They shoot a bunch of civilians. It's a whole nightmare, and Laura starts an insurrection and the fleet divides. There's a lot of fallout from the events of the last season." Battlestar Galactica returns July 15 and will air Fridays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Looks good!

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