Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Commander Cain Photos, Aliens and spoilers oh my!

Three articles out of the Hollywood North Report. Careful, there are spoilers.

First, some new images of Commander Cain surfaced. Cain, as some of you might know, is the commander of the Battlestar Pegasus, which survived the initial Cylon Attack, and has now linked up with the Galactica. See them

Second, there's a little word about the possibility of Aliens surfacing on the show. The Co-Producer David Weddle told the HNR that aliens are certainly not out of the picture for the show. Leading actor Edward James Olmos has said that if they turn to rubber headed humanoids, he's out of the show, but given the show's trend of breaking the trend, new things could happen. Read the full article

Finally, some major spoilers for a couple upcoming episodes regarding President Roslin's cancer, Boomer's Baby and a little prophetic stuff, can be found

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