Tuesday, October 11, 2005

eOnline Interview with Ronald Moore

EOnline has posted up an interview with Ronald Moore:

Battlestar geeks, unite! As promised in the column, here is the full transcript of my talk with Creator and Executive Producer Ron Moore, with the questions YOU sent in.

Chris Perez: What do you think of all of the critical acclaim Battlestar Galactica has been receiving?
Ron: It’s really nice! Thank you. It’s really gratifying. I’m really glad that people are finding it and enjoying it because we love making it.

Seth Zilger
: Any chance of a Starbuck/Apollo romantic relationship? How do you feel writing their scenes, since some fans may want them to be together, but it may lose it’s edge if they were to get together.
Ron: Yeah, it’s the famous Sam and Diane problem. I’m trying not to be too coy about it. It’s a really delicate, fine line that you’re trying to walk here, where yeah, you don’t want to just suddenly get them together and now they’re a couple and all the sort of angst and tension is gone, which is what’s drawing people into the relationship. But at the same time, you don’t want to be coy about it and keep teasing and ‘oh, they almost’ and ‘oh, it’s just so cute,’ because that gets annoying too. So what I’m trying to do is just sort of be true to who these two characters are. I mean, they are kind of oil and water. They’re very different people who have a strong personal connection and a strong sort of emotional attraction to one another, and a physical attraction, but it’s complicated by a lot of baggage and a lot of stuff, so I think the truth of that relationship is that it will always kind of dance in and dance out. There are times when they feel like it’s the right thing to do, and then it will get screwed up, and then there are times when they’ll just be at each other and wanting to kill one another and then they’ll realize that there’s something deeper between them. So I don’t think it will ever be a simple relationship.

Kathryn Tennaro: have you considered making a movie out of BSG (like Joss' Serenity)?
Ron: I don’t know. I’m not sure that the show lends itself to a feature film. One of the strengths I think of the show is all the serialized elements of it. All the continuing storyline. All the character work and the fabric of the show and the myth, and all the textures of it. With a feature you’re doing a big one off, here’s one big flashy film, and I’m not sure that’s really what this show is about. So I haven’t really seriously considered that.

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