Sunday, October 09, 2005

Season 2 Second Half News

A very good news post on a number of Season 2 storylines that they're going to be exploring in the second half, which is airing in January:

Battlestar Galactica Executive Producer Ron Moore and actor Jamie Bamer took part in a Q & A session at E!Online. Ron reveals what’s coming up in Season 2, Part 2:
"Second half of the season starts in January. We shot the first ten then took a four week break in the summer, but we’re back. Right now we’re shooting episode 15 and we will continue shooting until first week in December."
"The second half of the season obviously is going to deal with the cliffhanger where we left off, with Pegasus and Galactica about to do battle. First episode will deal with that. Then we’re going to do some episodes with, well, one of the characters who’s going to have a major role to play is Lee Adama. He’s going to go on his own emotional journey and eventually find himself."
"There’s a big Laura episode. You get to see her life on Caprice before the attack, and you’ll get to meet president Adar, who was the president she worked for when she was the Secretary of Education. And you’ll get to see a glimpse of what her life was like before she found out she got cancer and before the attack."
"There’s a storyline where Baltar’s sort of growing affinity for the Cylons becomes more prominent and he starts becoming somewhat darker and scarier character as time goes on."
"We’re going to be doing big episodes with the other battlestar, Pegasus. We’ve got a big fighter plane combat episode that’s all about Kara and one of our other pilots named Kat and their competition with each other and sort of with themselves as regards to one Cylon raider out there that keeps coming back and killing pilots again and again."
"We’re gonna try to do a couple of really controversial episodes. We’re gonna deal with some sort of hot-button issues of today that will be translated into Galactica’s world. Like abortion is definitely going to become an issue on the show."
"We’re going to do a Cylon-oriented episode later in the season that’s sort of a story that’s told primarily from the cylon’s point of view for the first time. Sort of get inside their heads, see what they’re about when they’re not out chasing Galactica. And then we’ve got, of course, a big two-part finale where a lot of things are gonna change, and the show’s gonna sort of make a fairly significant, radical change of direction."
What about a renewal for Season 3? "We’re having general conversations about it. The network hasn’t made it a formal pickup. I’d say the indications look good. But they don’t have to pull the trigger on it for a few more months. It’s just the way networks work, they will probably not do it until they have to. February or March. I’m optimistic. I’ve been optimistic since we did the miniseries that we’d get picked up and I feel that we’re going to get picked up."
Meanwhile, Jamie reveals (to the delight of his fans) that Apollo will be, urm, revealing a lot more of himself and will be seeing "lots of loving. Looots of looooving. Yeah, my bathrobe has been on my peg in my trailer almost every day it seems. Lots of relationship stuff. Lots of darkness. He gets into a very dark place and almost does away with himself. He gets lost in space for a bit and thinks nobody’s going to rescue him and goes to a very dark moment which then affects everything else that he does. He questions everything that goes on and holds everyone else at a distance. Basically falls apart a bit and in that, he falls into many different arms, so it’s gonna to be interesting. It’s a really good story for him in the second half of the season, and I think he ends up then commanding the Pegasus as well for a bit. He’s got a lot to do."

Looks like we've got some good stuff coming soon

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