Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Galactica on Video on Demand by NBC

This article just appeared on the SciFiWire:

Galactica To Video-On-Demand
NBC Universal struck a deal with DirecTV to allow viewers to pay to watch current prime-time broadcast hits just hours after they air for free, including SCI FI Channel's Battlestar Galactica, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
NBC will charge 99 cents per episode to access such series as Surface, putting a twist on the traditional TV business model that will have untold implications for industry sectors ranging from affiliates to advertisers for years to come, the trade paper reported. The news coincides with a similar announcement from CBS and Comcast and follows a widely reported deal between ABC and Apple's iPod.
NBC's commercial-free deal with DirecTV will cover not only NBC shows such as the Law & Order series, but also a few shows on its cable networks, including USA Network. The NBC-DirecTV programming will be available only to subscribers who purchase the new DirecTV Plus Interactive DVR, which will begin rolling out in stores and online during the next few months. NBC Universal owns SCIFI.COM.

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