Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hairbrained Theory

I just had a relevation- spoilers ahead:

Anyone watch the SciFi Inside, which is now on iTunes? A couple things that I'm trying to piece together. First, We know that Gina (#6) kills Cain. There are some new photographs and that's the wide rumor. Second, in the SciFi Inside, the acress who plays Six mentioned that she kills a Cylon. The images that I've seen show Gina in a Colonial Uniform with a gun to Cain. I'd been wondering how she got the uniform and gun, and it struck me - She somehow convinces Baltar that Cain is a Cylon, and pursuades him to help her, and she carries it out. Cain as a Cylon would make sense, why the Pegaus escaped destruction in the first place, but she's also creating huge problems for the fleet, and is rumored to have abandoned her own civilian fleet.



Craig Ranapia said...

OK, there's just one thing wrong with your theory - how would Baltar get access to a uniform and weapon? I'm going to go all the way out on a limb and say they came from Cally - with or without Baltar's encouragement. She's got a big arse crush on Tyrol, and after her experience in 'Bastille Day' no matter how much she hates the Cylons, I think she's got more sympathy for Gina than Admiral Cain.

Andrew said...

Uniforms aren't hard to get in a military base, there are quarter masters for that very purpose, same with Weapons. Baltar is also the vice president, and whatever authority he has as a Cylon expert could get him one.
I highly doubt that Cally would even have access to Gina, nor that she's actually on the Pegasus. And, given that she's killed one of Sharon, I doubt that she'll go out of her way to help kill what she thinks is a Fleet officer.

Craig Ranapia said...

But - and there's always a but - if Cain doesn't recognise the authority of "that schoolteacher" I very much doubt Baltar is going to be free to roam around the Pegasus at will. Not with Admiral Paranoid in command. He has to have someone helping him.

OTOH, I guess there's only so many summary executions you can hold without someone deciding you'd be much better off dead. :) If nothing else, I very much doubt the Pegusus chief Laird was the only civilian Cain "drafted" before abandoning her dead weight fleet.

You're quite right Cally has precisely zero sympathy for the Cylons - but she was also sickened on hearing that Gina was being gang raped. Hey, I fell out of the lazy boy when she killed Galactica-Boomer - I just suspect she's fracked up in ways we haven't seen yet.

Perhaps I should be writing for a soap opera, but she's already proved that she's willing to lie, blackmail and kill to protect Tyrol - something that Baltar knows all too well.

And is it just me, or did Gaius Baltar bring a spine and a sense of purpose back from Kobol? It seems to be that a more effective trigger would be for Gina to convince Baltar that if Cain isn't stopped, she isn't only going to kill her but Caprica-Sharon's baby - the child that it is his part of God's plan to guide and protect. Gaius The Self-Centered Ass is one thing. Gaius The Believer - a man who truly cares for, even loves, anyone besides himself - could make everyone's life very difficult indeed.

Andrew said...

I'm going with Occam's Razor - The Simplest explaination is ususally the one that's true. Baltar is a fairly bright guy - Getting a uniform for Gina would be a fairly easy thing for him to do.
I can see how Cally would be motivated into helping, but she's on the Galactica, and I'm doubting that Gaius would make a connection between the two.

Craig Ranapia said...

Oh, you're no fun. :) I'm sure RDM has something in the can that's going to make us both screech "WTF just happened!"